Regency Air has been in the business of managing private aircraft for over a decade. It all started with a deep passion for flying and a desire to serve the local community by providing charter services wherever, and whenever. This passion has grown into one of the finest and most highly regarded corporate charter companies in Orange County.

Regency Air management capabilities make aircraft ownership effortless. We offer you the highest quality of private air travel in a professional and comfortable environment. We dedicate ourselves to each individual owner and will work to ensure a program that is tailored to your individual needs. Regency Air is also committed to maintaining your aircraft to the highest safety standards. We accomplish this through our very own maintenance facility based at John Wayne Airport. This gives us the ability to help keep maintenance costs low, and keep your aircraft reliable and ready for use.

We make it our mission to deal with the day to day upkeep of aircraft scheduling, maintenance, and administrative work allowing you to enjoy your investment while keeping it as productive as you intended it to be without the worry and hassle. We know that your aircraft is a tool and luxury for you to maximize business and alleviate travel concerns; we also know your business itself is time consuming enough and we make it our top priority to minimize all your aircraft concerns. We promise to make your investment surpass all your expectations.